Max Farrar
Senior Lecturer, School of Cultural Studies, Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds. LS1 3HE.UK.


I was working as a part-time teacher and freelance writer/photographer when I took this photo. The premises are now run as an old people's home, but they were originally purchased for use by the United Caribbean Association, the group which stimulated both the school strike and the Carnival referred to in the caption for photo 1. Residents of the Home are mainly black, but white people live there too, and in this photo I hope to transmit the pleasure stimulated in this elderly white lady as she is engaged by the black woman in recollecting her early life. The photo also aims to represent both the erosion of racialised barriers (despite the persistence of racism throughout the UK) and the presence of a black professional class. The photo was taken, with the consent of all parties, for an exhibition commissioned by the UK's social work training council and this, plus my long-standing contact with the people who run the Home, gave me permission to get in close here.